Why you need to invest in crypto

Blockchain technology (not Bitcoin) is the digital infrastructure of the future.

Millan Singh
8 min readJun 4, 2021

You’ve heard the stories. The guy who bought $500 of Bitcoin back when it was selling for $10 a coin, and today his Bitcoin is worth $2M (with Bitcoin trading for $40k/coin in early June 2021).

But crypto is far more than just Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has opened a door for retail investors like you and me to be the owners of the internet infrastructure of the future.

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These aren’t the only two players in the crypto game. Image credit: Pierre Borthiry.

I have spent a ton of time diving into the crypto space, and I’m hooked. But I have to admit: crypto is naturally pretty confusing to most people who don’t have much tech savvy. So I want to make this space more approachable for others who haven’t really gotten into it yet.

To that end, I’m planning on writing several articles about crypto in the near future. As these articles come out, I’ll add the links here too, and this list is repeated on the bottom of the article. Follow me here…



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